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Hootone Remedies
Indira Gandhi
Research integrate back to 1982 to the then Honourable Prime Minister
Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
Purely herbal ingredients
Confirmed in
Invention reviewed in Parliamentary
Session in 2004 to Ministry of

Health & Family Welfare
Ingredients are free from Steroids or
Confirmed in
Heavy Metals.
Testing of Anti-retroviral drugs
Advanced at National
AIDS Research Institute in April 2002
No drug resistance observed in invivo

  • No rebounding of viral load count
  • No declination in CD4 counts
  • No Opportunistic Infection noted.
Guidelines for Anti-retroviral drugs
Advanced at National AIDS
Control Organization in Oct 2004
The only drug that targets the HIV
Gag-core region

  • Targets the Gag region namely P55, P39
  • Targets the Matrix protein P17
  • Targets the Pol integrase P51
Research Paper released by United
Nation special envoy at
World AIDS Day in Dec 2006
Proven by HIV DNA PCR Antigen Test
  • Recorded Not Detected for HIV
  • Recorded for absence of HIV in
    the blood samples.
98% inhibition against the causative
Agent HIV in Anti-Retroviral
Drug Sensitivity Test
Compliance to
  • FDA Approved
  • CGMP Certified
  • ISO Quality Certified
  • Patent
  • USFDA-DMF Registered
  • Free Sale Certified
10 fold decline in HIV RNA Viral
Load counts.
  • 90% increase in CD4 cell counts
  • 30% decrease in CD8 cell counts
The Toxicological Studies being
Successfully made from the
FDA Approved Lab
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Testimonial I was detected with HIV in 2000 and undergone treatment with HOO-IMM PLUS. Now I am living a healthy & confident life.
Testimonial I was detected with HIV in 1996 and undergone treatment with HOO-IMM PLUS. Now I am living a healthy & happy life.
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Our Company Compliances

  • Patented Products
  • US FDA Registration
  • CGMP Complaint Certified
  • Free Sale Certified
  • ISO 9001-200 Certified
  • International Quality Assurance
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Clinical Studies and Tesearch Paper
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